Access Innovations’ CEO, Jay Ven Eman shared his views of taxonomies and their correlation to knowledge management in a recent article feature.

According to Ven Eman, “Well-built taxonomies are the core of successful knowledge management. We have pioneered and perfected the development and deployment of taxonomies that provide knowledge management, observing the essential guiding principles needed for effective and efficient knowledge organization. Without the purpose-built taxonomy, the language of the knowledge contributor (for instance, an author, scientist, or knowledge worker) and the language of the knowledge user (for instance, a customer) will typically fail to be bridged. If you can’t find it, it might as well not be there.”

Ven Eman pointed out that Access Innovations has built more successful enterprise taxonomies than anyone. The well-built taxonomies bridge language and usage differences, and provides accurate, consistent, persistent, and precise navigation and retrieval.  We are proud to share this feature from KMWorld titled, “Access Innovations, Inc., Jay Van Eman CEO, Marjorie Hlava, President: View From the Top.”

Melody K. Smith

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