I know you are going to think I have a drinking problem. First whiskey, and now beer. However, if it helps, I do not like beer and yes, I have tried your favorite kind and I still don’t like it. I do like one interesting infographic on beer, though. This fun and interesting way to share information was found on Ad Week in their article, “Infographic: The Incredible Taxonomy of Almost Every Beer in the World.”

In my other life, I am always searching for new ways to share information, processes, strategies, etc. using as few words as possible. I have nothing against words (hello, I am a writer), but I have found I can engage more people around these complicated projects with visuals.

Pop Chart Lab makes some impressive taxonomy charts, and I often look to them for inspiration and even, sometimes, art. This isn’t a plug for them, but a nod to taxonomies. The science of classification has left the microbiology lab and entered the realm of the hipsters. Yes, I said the “h” word.

As a taxonomist, how does that make you feel?

Melody K. Smith

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