The concept of faceted classification is decades old, and controlled vocabularies go back even further. A faceted classification scheme is actually a special case of what are called controlled vocabularies. This topic came from CMS Wire in their article, “A DAM Glossary of Common Terms.”

A controlled vocabulary is an authoritative list of preferred terms used to ensure consistent application of metadata to your assets. Use of a controlled vocabulary, preferred terms and the use of synonyms in drop-down or pick lists are all good ways to take control of and provide consistency to your assets.

Most existing library classification systems were developed before the computer age and lack a sound theoretical basis. This also makes them vulnerable to cultural bias.

Facet analysis is the process of breaking down a subject into its component parts, choosing appropriate terminology to express those parts, and conveying those aspects by means of a notational device. Faceted search is made possible by facet analysis.

Melody K. Smith

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