With STM Week in the rear view mirror, it is a good opportunity to look back at this year’s event and the year as a whole. The Scholarly Kitchen brought this interesting information to us in their article, “All Things Coko: A Step Towards a True Shared Infrastructure for Scholarly Communication?

Scholarly Kitchen has provided a good wrap-up of the London events and activities, but one particular piece caught their attention as well as ours. Scholarly publishing and technology haven’t always been the best of friends. However, the use of open source can make a difference, but it takes some collaboration to be successful. By making the underlying code base open and free to experiment and innovate with, a community of developers and service companies can be built around the technology.

As the author points out, collaboration has been the subject of conversation for years. If the industry is finally ready to really embrace it and be less proprietary about the things that we all do in pretty much the same way, the future could look very different.

Melody K. Smith

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